Learning Dialogue: Sustainability

How have you, or how might you, weave the theme of sustainability into one of your courses? Please use the "comment" function to share your ideas.


At 8/25/2006, Anonymous lbuehler said...

i integrate one section of each of my courses to an assignment that involves sustainability. For example in the law class....the virtual courtroom 21 project is ending the needless use of multiple documentation. It cuts down on killing trees by utlizling technology instead of paper.

At 8/26/2006, Blogger Jim Wright said...

More and more people will need to be able to work in a virtual setting: locally, nationally and internationally. Lesley, you are feeding two birds with one seed here. Practice in virutal work and saving trees (for the birds) at the same time

At 8/30/2006, Blogger tina said...

I have dedicated few sections in my economics courses to the topic on “sustainability”. There are assignments such as; a case study, critical thinking questions that relates to sustainability. I also assigned a field trip to green buildings such as; Nummi so, that students are able to observe the process and application in “green” manufacturing

At 8/30/2006, Blogger Sheldon said...

Something we all need to keep in mind is that paper is created from paper trees, not from old-growth trees. So, the idea of reducing our usage so we can avoid "killing trees" doesn't have much scientific support.

If we talk to students (and each other) about reducing for saving money and resources, and/or so that less pollution is created by paper processing factories, it may be a bit more realistic.

As Dr Treadway mentioned in his speech last week, I am about as paperless as I can be, using my blog (http://www.ohlonepsych.blogs.com) rather than copying handouts, printing syllabi, etc. It also gives me the ability to provide URLs to useful web sites, upload pics and even large video files (which I recently learned to Close Caption myself!).

Ralph Kindred recently announced to us that his team will be creating space on our server for free Faculty blogs hosted by Ohlone. When that comes to fruition, I'd be happy to give people ideas about how they can use these simple "web sites" to give students greater access to information (24/7) while also reducing paper and energy usage.

At 8/31/2006, Anonymous David Topham said...

After Jeff's inspiring talk on flex day, I began thinking of how I can create computer programming assignments that calculate some of those interesting statistics about how much energy we can save. Population projections could also be useful to help students think about the impact of our lives on the planet and everyone's future here.

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